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a midnight party - mixed technique with collage large painting on paper and wood
Drunk by Midnight Giclee Print(Limited Edition of 50)
Giclee print of Mixed media and collage on paper mounted on wood
10" x 8.5"

Limited Edition prints (series size 50) of "Drunk by Midnight" painting are available on this website during the 2020 Holiday Season.
About the painting:
Drunk by Midnight was developed from a small doodle/collage.
That little core was a starting point for a big and seemingly surreal world of a night-time party where strangely familiar characters drink, eat, talk, dance, love… and viewers are welcome to join the strange yet somehow familiar world.
This painting was a part of "What's behind this Door?" series which was the title of Tamara's Solo exhibition at Oliva Gallery in Chicago in May 2019.