This page was created to raise money for the Food Depositories in Chicago or anywhere in the US or the world.
50% of each sale will be contributed to the FOOD DEPOSITORY OF YOUR CHOICE.
Just choose the place that needs your help and I will donate 50% of the amount you spend on my art to that particular Food Depository!
The need for food is growing, and lines at the food depositories are getting longer.
My goal is to offer artwork in a variety of prices, so more people can participate in this initiative.
When you buy my artwork, you bring beauty into your home, but you also bring hope into the lives of the ones that need it the most.

The easiest payment method is PayPal, since it is incorporated all through this website.
Please contact me if you prefer to pay with Venmo or Square.

Thank you!
Tamara Wasserman

collage with text and surreal imagery on birch bark and canvas
pen and ink and wash and collage on birchbark and canvas
11.5" x 17"
a dog in the city; brush, pen and ink on birch bark
ink and collage on birch bark
9" x 11"
an ink drawing on birch bark of a naked chest woman (or a man)  in the sun
pen, ink and brush on birch bark
10" x 8"
large watercolor of a turtle with a golden crown
watercolor and acrylic on paper
19" x 25"
a large, expressive, and playful watercolor of a turtle
watercolor on arches paper
19" x 25"
a mixed media piece with collage inspired by Marx Brothers films
pen, ink, and wash with collage on birch bark and canvas
15" x 16"
textural black, white and burgundy painting of a brooding woman's face, abstract, moody
mixed technique with collage on paper
20" x 16"
a square oil painting on wood, pastel colors, predominantly white
oil on wooden panel
22" x 22"
people on a train, small painting on canvas
mixed technique on canvas
watercolor on paper painting of a turtle in bright color palette
19" x25"
turtle in side her terrarium bold and dynamic watercolor on paper
watercolor on paper
12" x 18"
empty turtle tank
watercolor on paper
15" x 19"
a panoramic painting of people and Baroque sculpture of Fountain of 4 rivers in Rome
acrylic and oil on canvas
24" x 48"