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Works in this series are based on adventures experienced, witnessed and imagined. These include train rides in space and time, dives into religion and philosophy, leisurely walks side by side with music and love. Life is an adventure and art-making is it's catalyst!

Giclee print of Lake Michigan beach scene with birds and buildings next to Kenosha Lighthouse in Wisconsin
Limited Edition Giclee Prints (run of 50)
7.5" x 14"
a midnight party - mixed technique with collage large painting on paper and wood
Giclee print of Mixed media and collage on paper mounted on wood
10" x 8.5"
Passengers on a train to the beach in Eastern Europe. A small painting on canvas.
Mixed media and collage on canvas
12" x 12"
Bright painting of the Little Prince and the Fox and the desire to fly
Mixed media and collage on canvas
24" x 30" x 1.5"