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Part of my job as a critic is to alert the art public to dynamic new trends that impact the art world. Artists such as Kruger, Mutu, Denega Akpem, Rina Banerjee, view space as the organizing format for history. What theorist Gillian Rose in her book " Feminism & Geography " focuses on the "differentiation of spaces." Tamara.Wasserman's work transforms a historical figure into a mystical landscape that hovers between actuality and myth. The title Superwoman is another play on being. The phantasm of the Superhero is both part of the public psyche and an image of the redirection of desire into socially desirable domains. ”With great power comes great responsibility” Stan Lee. However, Ms. Wasserman’s ethereal treatment of her subject is more an invitation then deification. A warning not to forget voices spoken on the stage of history but not so clearly heard.

Nathaniel McLin
Art Critic

Oil on canvas
36" x 48"