Tamara's CLOSE YOUR EYES AND YOU WILL SEE is on display at the Chicago Gold Coast location of the WORKBOX. This is a playful mixed media creation that combines watercolor and 2-and-3-D collage elements... and it looks like there is a potential buyer interested in taking this baby home.

  • Dancing Brush Creativity Workshops

    Dancing Brush Creativity Workshops

    The Dancing Brush Workshops help you UNBLOCK your CREATIVITY.

    You follow the dance of the brush and it leads you into the unknown riches of your hidden creativity.

    THE DANCING BRUSH WORKSHOPS were launched in the summer of 2018. The first year proved to be inspiring, encouraging and more than successful.
    I always knew that this method works for me, but now I know that it will help anybody that is ready to try it out...
    These workshops are for anyone who wants to start a creative journey but needs a little help, as well as for practicing artists of any discipline that might want to learn how to overcome artistic blocks.
    The workshops are available in person at my studio at the Bridgeport Art Center| or via Skype.
    We use Sumi ink and a variety of brushes to help us find our energy, to let it take over and lead for a while and to show us eventually the place that we are at during these particular moments. This process has helped me refocus and find the right angle whenever encountering roadblocks.

    For inquiries text or call 773-802-2159


  • LIghthouse Residency Summer 2019

    LIghthouse Residency Summer 2019

    Kenosha Lighthouse Artist Residency
    July 15 -21, 2019
    This summer I got to spend a week making art in a lighthouse. The experience was unique and intense. The location, the beach, the fog over the lake, the lighthouse with it's spiraling staircases, illuminator windows, the sun, the heat, the stars at night... This experience changed the way I live and make art.
    Currently I am developing and finishing the pieces I started at the lighthouse. The plan is to have a few of them featured in my upcoming 3 person exhibition this November at Eat Paint Studio and Gallery in Chicago.
    Thank you Heather McGee for creating this amazing oportunity for many artists!

  • Hanging my laundry

    A walkthrough HANGING MY LAUNDRY art installation created for the Group Global 3000 - Berlin exhibition, "the water was pure and clear". I worked on this project in the summer of 2018. Planning to instal a version of this piece in the Eat Paint Studio and Gallery in Novenber as a part of the upcoming 3 person show.

  • News


    Two more weeks left to view the unique PAPER ARTS exhibition at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago. Paper Arts is a group show of 10 artists that create two-and-three dimesional work exploring the medium of paper.
    The exhibition opened on April 17th and is on untill May 5th.

  • Unpresidented: Art in Common Cause

    Unpresidented: Art in Common Cause

    Unprsidented: Art in Common Cause
    I took part in this wonderful Pop-up exhibition, March 17-March 19, at Space 900 in Evanston. Sales of the artwork were donated to the charities that the artists chose.
    James Deeb curated and organized the event, and one third of all the artwork sold.
    We hope to have more events like that in the future.