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This is a mixed media piece. Has a feel of graffiti. Inspired by Tom Wait's song RAIN DOGS, by city-life, masks, ancestors and the unknown that is everywhere.
The artist started this painting as an "action painting performance" during one of the Bridgeport Art Center's Open Studio events. The first push was a few Hollywood out-take photos. They attracted the artist because of the feel of being temporary, taken casually, in passing. They reflected the fleeting moment, the passing of time, of the happenings that really matter for a moment, and then they don't. These first images were painted over later. The piece was cut down and then "replanted" onto a bigger "field". The big mask-like head of the dog appeared at a later stage and that was the element that organized the earlier fractured composition. And yes, the artist really loves Tom Waits and listened to his record RAIN DOGS while working on this painting.

reds, black, text, street art, demons, archetypes, green, huge dog, masks, man-dog
I am a rain dog too
acrylic and collage on paper
27" x 40"