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A painting of Lake Michigan beach scene with birds and buildings next to Kenosha Lighthouse in Wisconsin
Empty Beach <sold>
Acrylic and oil on canvas mounted on wood
24" x 54"

The artist started this painting during her Kenosha Lighthouse Artist Residency in July 2019. She painted inside the lighthouse, the loose canvas attached to the metal walls with magnets, - the beach, the grass, the fence... She took a few photos of the beach at different times of day, morning and evening, of the seagulls, of the environment. Later she worked on this painting in her Bridgeport studio in Chicago, and finished it on time for the 3-artist exhibition, THIRST, at Eat Paint Gallery in Chicago. The loose canvas is mounted onto a black birch panel, which creates a frame for the piece. The painting is based on observation as well as on imagination.