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I draw inspiration from the disturbance of the mundane. I find visuals in life that surrounds me, and manipulate them into something that they are normally not, basically changing the obvious, the common, the familiar, creating a scene, the was never seen before, but is emotionally recognizable.
For me art making is a philosophical quest. I believe that if you wish to get hold of the invisible, you must penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible (Max Beckman). Some of the methods that I use are: changes in perspective and physical orientation, mimicry, juxtaposition of tactile (found objects collage) and painterly, playing games with visual expectations and more.
Most of my work is painting on canvas, wood panel or paper, with added elements of collage. In order to quickly “lay out ” an idea, I start with acrylics, charcoal and pastels. After that I work with very thin coats of paint, eventually adding impasto in a few areas, and building up transparent, semi-opaque and opaque layers as the work develops. Oils are usually added at later stages, to create more precise and subtle effects. My work is always a give and take between the abstract and the representative. In the last couple of years I started adding found surfaces, like pieces of clothing, napkins, candy-wrappers, etc. to my work. This helps me introduce another level of reference, of contrasts and affinities into a piece, and emphasizes tactile qualities, which effect and express the sensual aspect of art and life.

Sisters Heaviness and Tenderness
OIl and charcoal on canvas
36" x 32"
A comment on Damien Hirst's work and Art History
Oil on Paper
48" x 32"
Silent Movies
Charcoal and oil on cardboard
36" x 48"
Landscape, Chair
Oil on canvas
36" x 28"
Oil and collage on 13 canvases
Hanna in the Garden
Oil on canvas
42" x 42"
Passing Time
Oil on canvas
24" x 18"
Oil on canvas
36" x 48"
Streets, Moscow
pastel on paper mounted on wood
Birds, 3
Oil, acrylic and silk ties and candy wrapperson canvas
40" x 40"
Chicago, backyard, summer,
Oil on canvas
16" x 18"
Oil on canvas
24" x 48"