ART GALLERIES > Emotion versus Structure

My recent work combines observation with emotion.
It leaves out numerous details of faithful observation, keeping just the laconic and the striking, stripping the rest off, so the intense emotion finds its free abstracted expression.
My starting points are a few, and they reflect the stuff happening in my life every day:
a book that creates a longing ,
a theatre production that makes you tick and laugh,
doll house ineriors, childhood illnesses, tears,
scale of objects and emotions,
our uncomfortable universe full of loneliness and ecstasy.
I think that art making has an element of time travel. We can take anything and give it a new life through our art. We can go to any moment in history and reuse it or recycle it when we use it as a starting point of an artpiece, which is possible as long as there is a documentation that survived. We prove that mechanical time is an illusion/simplification.
I am a pendulum
I feast on reality and its nuances
Then I create my own… reality

Becoming a Landscape
mixed technique on canvas
48" x 36" x 0.5"
Head Full of Memories
mixed technique on canvas
24" x 18" x 0.5"
Shades of White
Acrylic and collage on canvas
24" x 24" x 1"
Autumn Longing
40" x 30" x0.5"
Large (tall and narrow) mixed technique on paper painting inspired by music
Mixed technique on paper mounted on wood
40" x 24"
mixed technique on wood neo-cubist medium size painting
Mixed technique on birch panel
22" x 30"
December 2018
Big Alice is a large neo-cubist mixed technique painting on birch panel
mixed technique on birch panel
36" x 40"
April 2019
collage, work on paper, large art, cubism, surrealism, contemporary art, chicago art
Mixed technique on paper
33" x 25"
patterns, scratches, pinks, Picasso, cubism, contemporary art, flesh color, faces, geometric, yellow
Oil and acrylic on wood
22" x 22"
man and nature, woman and nature, portrait in nature, blue, green, foliage, shades of white
Acrylic and oil on canvas
22" x 28"
abstract, expressionism, contemporary art, small painting, face, heart, mouth, lips, teeth, dance, passion
acrylic and pastel on birch panel
15" x 11" x 0.75"
cave art, faces, animal shapes, small art, earth tones, browns, reds, collage
mixed technique on gessoboard
8" x 10" x 0.5"
Picasso, cubism, earth tones, contemporary art, faces, abstract, geometric, tamara wasserman
Acrylic and oil on wooden panel
30" x 35"
Mixed media on canvas
18" x 24"
reds, black, text, street art, demons, archetypes, green, huge dog, masks, man-dog
acrylic and collage on paper
27" x 40"
Lost at Sea
Mixed technique on canvas
28" x 40"
pattern, shades of green, positive/negative space, cold palette, Japanes art, playing with frame, tamara wasserman
acrylic, oil and silk ties on canvas
18" x 18"
Abstract, watercolor, collage, 3-D, Positive-Negative space, Meditation
watercolor and collage on paper
21" x 16" x 1"
This is an intuitive meditative watercolor/ collage piece. Use of positive-negative space. Painting is made on Arches watercolor paper with added elements of collage. This piece is floated and framed (white frame, wood).
watercolor on paper
29" x 22" x1"